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Welcome to PovertyStudies, a nonprofit website dedicated to connecting global issues of poverty, hunger, and social justice with the academic study of religion and faith-based communities around the world. Most of the resources here focus on the Christian tradition (especially historical texts since late antiquity), but other religious, philosophical, and ethical traditions are also represented.

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PLEASE NOTE: As of 2013, this website is no longer maintained on a regular basis, but we believe the resources you will find here are still relevant and useful for classroom and discussion. Please visit the ptochotrophia link or blog (both under "What's Happening" in the left column on this page) for recent news, op-eds, and other resources.

ACADEMIC: A selection of colloquia, conferences, centers, seminars, academic departments, and related events that connect scholars with issues of justice, relief, hunger, human rights, empowerment, and dignity in a context broadly relevant to the academic study of religion. The idea for this site first began as a conversation in the academy, so click here for the site director's bio, CV, and interviews.

BOOKS & SYLLABI: Book lists of historical, contemporary, and studies for faith-based reflective discussions. Also here is a very large bibliography on the religious roots of social welfare in the ancient Greek and Roman world, and a shorter list of readings relevant to poverty in the modern west. The syllabi links give a glimpse into actual courses offered (thanks to faculty willing to have them posted here).

ACTION LINKS list community resources such as relief and justice agencies and solidarity-based community action; also, how to find a food pantry and international relief organizations related to global equity, human rights, and religious activitists. Links supporting economic, social, and cultural (ESC) rights like food, water, health, and housing are the focus.

NEWS includes random recent material, readers' suggestions, and other bits.


Disclaimer: News about an organization or resource on this site does not constitute an endorsement. Find the group that best fits your sense of social responsibility, ethics, and community before donating time, money, or other resources.