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Flavel, The Quaker, and the Crown

John Flavel was a seventeenth century contemporary of John Milton fiercely persecuted for his "Presbyterian" convictions throughout most of his life, and who responded to all of his opponents with great kindness. This volume contains the rare correspondence between Flavel and his friend, Clement Lake, in 1687, soon after Lake had become a Quaker. Flavel felt more freedom to preach boldly and publically during the reign of James II than he had in years, and the letters to and from Lake are an example of this dialogue. Neither convinced the other; when Lake died, it was the Quakers who published his correspondence with Flavel as an example of faithful witness in the face of doctrinal opposition. This volume also includes Flavel's jubilant sermon on the coronation of William and Mary, and the brief version of the "Life" of Flavel by his friend, John Galpine.

New Introduction

A Short Life of John Flavel

An account of the Quaker, Clement Lake, and his correspondence with John Flavel

Flavel's Coronation Sermon

The Coronation Oath of 1689