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Very short tale: A maid making a Roman-Catholic to fall into a River, and to escape drowning narrowly

There was likewise a pretty maid not far off that place, and much about the same time, who being solicited to folly by another Catholic (but not a priest) when no answer would serve the turn, promised him fair, and said she would meet him the next day in a meadow not far from her father's house, and then they would conclude of that which should be well-liking to them both.
The time come, away she got before, and passed over a river which parted the meadow, and then takes off the bridge, and lets it drive with the stream. My youth coming, asked her how she got over. "I came another way," said she, "but pray do you leap over, for I am in half."

"Aye, that I will, sweet heart, and over thee too, anon," and so fetching his run, leapt into a quagmire up to the middle and more, crying "Prithee, love, help me!"

But she, laughing at him and telling him he was hot of a burning fever, left him to get out as he could.