formerly published by Rhwymbooks



Anon., Ode to the Welsh Leek: The Politics of Potatoes and Other 17th Century Tales (several amusing broadsides reprinted)

Brewster, John A., Turning Fifty: Meditations on Aging (selections) originally published in 1814

Bunkley, Josephine, The Nun Who Escaped (abridged), originally published in 1855

Featly, John: Tears Against the Plague: A 17th-century Women's Devotional (originally published in 1665)

Flavel, John, Touchstone and A Token for Mourners. (17th century) Not currently available online. See info on paper text below*

Flavel, John and Clement Lake, Flavel, The Quaker and the Crown: John Flavel, Clement Lake, and Religious Liberty in Late 17th-Century England (annotated correspondence originally published in 1692, with a Life of John Flavel originally published in 1691)

Lightfoot, Susanna, and Martha Thomas: Quaker Women Passing: Death as Pulpit in the Memoirs of Susanna Lightfoot (1720-1781) and Martha Thomas (1805-1836)

Partridge, John. Treasury of Hidden Secrets (16th century cookery book)

Pennington, Mary. On Quakers, Medicine and Property: The Autobiography of Mary Pennington (1624-1682)

Rhygyvarch, Rhygyvarch's Life of St. David

Siddons, Leonora, The Female Warrior (originally published in 1843)

Tukarama. Eating Hunger: Selections from the Poems of Tukarama (1608-1649)

The titles below were published by Rhwymbooks but are not included in this texts-on-line site. Some copies of these may be available from used-book vendors and through's used books. Please contact if you are interested in obtaining a paperback copy and can't find one. Cover images below

Boadicea and her Sisters: Women of Wales, by Anne Rutherford. A collection of amusing stories of early Welsh saints and sinners, a modern re-telling inspired by T.J. Llewelyn Prichard's 1854 The Heroines of Welsh History: Comprising Memoirs and Biographical Notices of the Celebrated Women of Wales.

The Conversion of Margaret Lucas (1701-1769) in her own words (ISBN 1889298603)
Straightforward but dramatic autobiography of an eighteenth century middle class English teen who chose to join the Quakers at a time when this was fraught with danger. Margaret describes her family's physically violent opposition and her own determined, Quaker response. Several years after her conversion, she faced the greatest spiritual conflict of her adult life: a call to preach. Did she dare? Remarkable narrative of a woman's inner mind and choices. 77 pp; originally $10.95. trade paperback.

*True Professors and Mourners: Two Works by John Flavel (1630-1691) (ISBN 1889298174)
Revised reprint of Flavel's classic texts, Touchstone and A Token for Mourners. Flavel addresses the religious problem of mourning firsthand; both his parents died in 1665 of the Plague in Newgate Prison for "subversive" religious worship; Flavel was also widowed three times. He writes with great compassion to those facing persecution and sudden death. A classic example of formative Presbyterian theology. 176 pp; handcrafted. originally $19.95.

I, Giraldus: The Autobiography of Giraldus Cambrensis (1165-1223). (ISBN 1889298980) Giraldus Cambrensis, prolific and opinionated historian of Wales, was a Welsh nobleman, devoted priest, and adamant (if unsuccessful) defender of St. David's Cathedral and the right of Welsh bishops to be independent of English law. The events of his life cross the Great Schism between Eastern and Western churches and include the campaign throughout the British Isles for volunteers for the later Crusades. He focuses much on the bitter jealousies that caused his own victimization at the hands of power-hungry churchmen and his true piety and righteousness; yet through this lens the reader delights in his vivid stories of countless ordinary people and extraordinary events. This new unabridged version puts Giraldus' voice into the first person. hand-crafted paperback. originally $25.95.