St. James's Episcopal Church, Cambridge, Massachusetts:

The Stained Glass Windows

St. James's Episcopal Church was built at the end of the nineteenth century, a stone and brick building on a busy urban corner of Cambridge, Massachusetts (view). Inside, the dark wood and vaulted ceilings offer a worshipful upward-feeling space for contemplation, and many architectural details reflect the loving care of its founders (see images above). St. James's parish also offers modern visitors a caring liturgical community with great music!

This web page provides online images of the church's stained glass windows. These images are offered here as an aid to meditative prayer. They are also an invitation to "come and visit" if you are in the Boston area!

Click here to go directly to St. James's parish website, where you will find directions to the church, a calendar of events, or to read recent sermons

Click HERE to read the Rev. Judy Gay's sermon on the windows

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