Nativity Windows
To the glory of God and in loving memory of Gordon H. Harnum and Gladys C. Harnum
Windows and photos by Lyn Hovey Studio, Inc. Posted with permission.

This lovely set of windows depicts the Christmas story. The infant Jesus is in the manger, in the central panel, with the wise ones of the ages approaching him on the left, behind Mary, and the shepherds approaching from the right, behind Joseph. The star that heralded Christ's birth is in the center of the flower-petal windows above (photographed separately and here slightly enlarged). For a close-up of two of the angels around the star, click angel 1 or angel 2 .

Each year in Advent the church sets up an enormous Christmas tree in the sanctuary, just beneath these windows. They also give their special light to all our baptisms, since the baptismal font is a few feet away, and families and infants gather in the space just below.

left: windows in perspective, as viewed from center of the sanctuary
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