St. John

The Sawyer Memorial

window by Whittemore Assoc., Needham Heights, 1968

"[The Roman emperor] Nerva ... recalled John from the island [of Patmos] and allowed him to live in Ephesus. At that time he was sole survivor of the twelve disciples, and after writing the Gospel that bears his name was honored with martyrdom... Papias, the bishop of Hierapolis, who had seen him with his own eyes, claims in the second book of the Sayings of the Lord ..."

-from a 9th century Chronicle by "George the Sinner" who used Papias' book (no longer extant) as one of his sources; this and other quotes from the fragments of Papias (late 1st to late 2nd century) are taken from Lightfoot & Harmer, The Apostolic Fathers.

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