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Adams, Thomas and Jane Russell, and Ruth Reed

Batchelder, Samuel

Blackman, Lydia L.

Chiu, A. Kaiming

Cutter, Charles Ellis

Dexter, George

Floyd, Walter H.

Greenleaf, Mary Longfellow:
(a) a window commemorating her;
(b) windows in memory of her husband;
(c) about Mrs. Greenleaf and early parish history

Harnum, Gordon H. and Gladys C.

Harnum, James and Sarah

Holmberg, Walter A.

Jamieson, Julia Boardman

Kendrix, Muriel

Lawson, George Walter

Magee, John and Alfreda

Maynard, Edgar A.

McBride, Eva A.

Paddock, The Rev. Ernest Moorhead

Porter, The Rev. George Washington, D.D.

Primmer, James and Elizabeth

Rice family

Ross, Ellerton Frank Jones

The Sawyer Memorial

Thode, Lillian H.

Warland, The Rev. William


Angels, three with garlands

Angels, behind the high altar


Cherubim and Seraphim

Child at prayer

Christ child with wisemen and angels

David (as a young man) and his harp

David (as King), as a prophet


Dorothea (St.)

(a) Chiu window
(b) Warland window


Holy Spirit, at Pentecost

James (St.)

Jesus and the little children

Jesus as the Light of the World

Jesus the Good Shepherd

Jesus with women

John (St.)


Luke (St.)

Mark (St.)


Margaret (a martyr)

Mary and the infant Jesus

Matthew (St.)

the Resurrection

Seventy, two men of the 70 disciples

Saints ("all the saints throughout the world")

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