Lambeth Women Speak:
Urban Poverty and Religion in Nellie Benson's London

[originally published as Streets and Lanes of the City]


Mary Eleanor Benson

with a brief memoir by her father, Edward White Benson, Archbishop of Canterbury
the original introduction by her brother, Arthur Benson
and a new introduction by S. R. Holman

originally published as Streets and Lanes of the City, by Mary Eleanor Benson, privately printed, posthumously, in 1891 in London by Richard Clay and Sons, Ltd., at the direction of Nellie's father, Edward White Benson, the then Archbishop of Canterbury. From a text in the Library at the University of Cambridge.

The 1891 text is made available online in the good faith understanding that its copyright status is in the public domain in both the US and the UK. However, please note that the "New Introduction" (chapter 1) by S.R. Holman is © copyright 2001 by Rhwymbooks. It may be downloaded and cited provided such is solely for personal or academic use and is in the context of discussion of the book as a whole, and that proper credit is given to the author. A gift-quality handcrafted bound copy of the book is available in limited quantities; for more information click here.

TABLE OF CONTENTS (click to go to online text of each chapter)

1. New Introduction
2. Brief Memoir
3. The Amusements of the Very Respectable
4. Socialities and Manners
5. Keeping Company–How they do it
6. Keeping Company–The Darker Side
7. Recovery
8. Girls' Friendships
9. Social Gifts
10. Sickness
11. The Familiarity of Death
12. Old Age
13. Irreligion
14. Religion and the Place it Holds
15. A Troubled Soul
16. Two Small Servants–A Success and a Failure
17. A Third–Something Between the Two
18. A Hard Conflict