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Poverty relief in history (the ancient world to 1850

In the ancient world (Greece, Rome, and Late Antiquity)
Patristics and social ethics
The Medieval and Reformation Period

Resources for church groups, meditation, devotionals and workbooks: material seen recently that might be used for small group discussions

Contemporary issues, selected annotated list (since 1850):


Academic Resources This main page lists announcements to upcoming (or important past) conferences, various changing relevant links to academic organizations or programs. It also includes occasional teaching material, but that changes. The fixed links include:


 Community Resources This main page highlights two feature programs, and then lists programs and links to a wide range of community resources such as: food banks, web list of services and relief agencies, relief organization resources by faith group, and other agencies active in relief, peace, justice, and human rights.

 News and Miscellany New stuff of interest, odd stories that don't fit anywhere else, new book blurbs, interesting projects by colleagues and friends; and other curiosities. The only fixed link is to our:
Unofficial favorite links page
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all images at top are copyright © the Webwriter of this site. Left to right: the cloisters at Durham cathedral, Durham, UK; kitchen of a poor clergy family living in India (the food was fantastic and no one got sick); a market in South Asia; the Stoa of Attalus, Athens (where beggars and teachers used to hang out, though not necessarily together); a butcher shop in rural Wales; a storefront in Agra, India; John Chrysostom reading the Bible, stained glass window in Cologne Cathedral.


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